Arc Fault Troubleshooting

Microwave Tripping Your Combination Arc Fault Breaker?

Most microwave ovens will generate arcs and sparks inside their cavity if they are run with an insufficient load, or no load whatsoever. The high-frequency content from these arcs is being coupled through the HV transformer section of your microwave onto the AC line, where the AFCI can then see it and proceed to freak out, thinking the arcing is actually an AC mains arc, not a microwave cavity arc.

Suggestion: throw a coffee mug of water in with the slice of pizza (or bag of popcorn). This does the same thing as Keshlam’s sacrificial bread slice — i.e. provides more load to absorb the microwaves instead of letting them bounce around the cavity until they arc, just without having to waste a slice of bread.

Click for Siemens load Center Arc Fault Troubleshooting